General Medical Services

We emphasize patient education, preventive health advice, and patient involvement in health care.  

Care Management 
Sick Visits
Chronic Care Management
Annual Well Exams
Medicare Annual Wellness
Diagnostic Services  
Holtor Monitor
Stress Tests
In-Office Lab Draws
Cerumen Removal
Foreign Body Removal, Skin
Nail Removal
Skin Biopsy
Abscess Drainage
Laceration Repair
Cryofreeze of moles, skin cancers, cysts, warts, and skin tags
Joint Injections
Hormone Therapy
Male and Female
Bio-Identical Pellets & Creams
Compounded Injectables & Rx
Opioid Addiction Therapy
Buprenorphine Therapy
Supportive Care Referrals
Electronic Medical Records
As we strive to implement new ways to improve your care and improve our efficiency, we use electronic health record technology. We think you will see the following:
  • Faster refills on prescriptions.  Our orders are transmitted directly to your pharmacy (no more doctor’s handwriting!)
  • Newer and better ways to see if you are up to date with preventive health care.
  • Easier and faster scheduling of appointments and consultations with specialists.
  • Fewer questions from insurance companies due to more sophisticated claims submissions and documentation integrity.

Respect for your privacy, and security for your medical information.  Our electronic health record system is protected by state-of-the-art firewalls and encryption.